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STT Solutions is a leader in parts and retrofits for dry bulk storage, lime slaker products and pneumatic transfer systems.

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About Us

Who we are

Our principal area of expertise is the design, assembly, construction (in Canada, supervision or management worldwide) commissioning and support of handling systems for the reagents (such as lime, soda ash and magnesium oxide) required for environmental cleanups in mining, oil and gas and other industrial applications. While our clients are most often engineering companies, our goal is to ensure we make a positive impact on the end user customer operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency – on both a daily basis and over the long term.

Founded in 1977 as Stanco Projects, we also specialize in tanks and silos for storage. Each of our systems is custom-designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Through our Solutions group we provide preventive maintenance, system audits, spare parts and other services. We don’t just have 35 years of history and installations, we have 35 years of customer experience and data collected from real life operations.

Our Approach

It’s not what you’ve done it’s what you’ve learned

When choosing STT Enviro Corp our clients can take great comfort in knowing  that not only have we installed over a thousand chemical makedown systems and erected over a thousand tanks and silos, but that we take the time to find out how our products worked for the customer in often difficult and complex in-service environments. We are dedicating resources to improve our capabilities through research and development and through potential acquisitions and customer services which will assist us in having an even bigger impact on our customer’s bottom line.

We have recently changed our name because we believe as we evolve it’s important that our name and brand reflect our customers’ needs and our corporate direction.  Addressing environmental issues cost effectively is a priority for our customers. The purpose of our new brand identity is to commit ourselves to working towards a higher corporate purpose by providing a better product, at a better price, so our clients can confidently choose STT Enviro Corp.

We are a publicly traded company, trading on the TSX Venture under the ticker symbol STT, comprised of three business units: STT Enviro Corp Systems, STT Enviro Corp Tanks and STT Enviro Corp Solutions.